Grocery Delivery program

Grocery Delivery Program

The recent COVID-19 pandemic is restricting everyone’s movement, especially those at risk.

Many have turned to online ordering, but the grocery stores don’t have enough staff to keep-up with demand and delivery can take well over a week to arrive. 

TrashTalk will be offering a volunteer-run grocery-delivery program for West Island residents in need during this time of crisis. 

People in need include, but are not limited to:

  • those who are above the age of 65,
  • those who have symptoms of covid-19 and their caretakers.

How it Works

  1. Call Metro Beaconsfield and provide your payment information. The contact/payment info is here below. TrashTalk volunteers do not take payment.
  2.  Fill in the form below so we know your grocery order and where to deliver. 

Once this is done, we will dispatch a team to pick up your groceries from Metro Beaconsfield and deliver to your home.

You will be given a choice between Thursday or Sunday to receive the deliveries.

The deliveries will be between 10am and 5pm.

Safety Precautions

We will use gloves to handle all of the groceries and practice social distancing by leaving the groceries at your front door. Safety is our utmost concern and we will do everything within our abilities to ensure safety to our clients and volunteers.


TrashTalk is not responsible for any details related to payment. TrashTalk volunteers will not accept any form of payment at the door. Please pay Metro Beaconsfield directly. 

First step is to call Metro Beaconsfield. Please do this before filling out the order form. 

The number to call Metro Beaconsfield is 514-695-5811. Please ask for Julie, Eric or Silvia. 

To pay for groceries, Metro will ask you for :

  • Credit Card Number
  • Name on Card
  • CVV number (3 digits on back or card)

At delivery, the receipt of your purchase will be in the grocery bag.

Now, we need to know your order! 

Please try to limit your order to essential items. By filling out this form, you are confirming that you have sent payment details to Metro Beaconsfield. If you have notplease call Metro Beaconsfield directly.


For anyone having issues with the website, please email your order to

Thank you.

With the help of your donations, the work of TrashTalk Montreal is seen by a wider audience.


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