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Keeping our community clean

Trash Talk is a Montreal-based, youth-run organization, dedicated towards empowering our generation to become more environmentally conscious.

To help support us in our cleanup endevors, please consider donating.

Taking action

TrashTalks relies on the dedicated volunteers and contributors in order to keep our community clean. Come join us!

TrashTalk hosts trash cleanup events around the city, Bi-Weekly, open to the public. You can find future events on our facebook page.

The TrashTalk Team

We’re a collection of youths from the Montreal area looking to make a difference in our community.

TrashTalk Volunteers at protest
Learn what you can do to keep your community clean, through our environmental awareness videos and articles.
Everyone can be more environmentally friendly, and all it takes is a few seconds of effort!

Annual Report

Read our annual report to learn more about what we’ve done over the past year!

TrashTalk hosts biweekly trash cleanup events around the city, open to the public. You can find future events on our Facebook page.

Our Cleanups

Learn more about our cleanups in the past!

We’ve hosted many cleanups all over the Montreal area. Learn more about some of our cleanups!

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Your donation will help TrashTalk further its mission towards a more sustainable future.


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