Annual Report

Our Year in Review

At TrashTalk, our mission is to bridge the gap between environmentalism and popular culture.

Our Mandate

TrashTalk Montreal is an environmental non-profit
organization founded in 2019 that operates in Montreal, Quebec. TrashTalk is governed by a Board of Directors that were elected by high ranking members of the organization.


TrashTalk exist to serve the community by organizing trash cleanup events as well as by bridging the gap between environmentalism and popular culture through a large social media presence. Furthermore, TrashTalk exists as a communicational hub that relays educational material on how to better serve the well-being of our environment.


Through this work, TrashTalk hopes to reform Montreal and neighboring communities’ waste management as well as being a provider of volunteer opportunities for people interested in changing the environment for the better in a creative and innovative way.

The Team

Lucas Hygate

Lucas Hygate is the founder, CEO and Chairman of the board for TrashTalk. One day in April 2019, Lucas decided to use his entrepreneurial skills to create this non-profit organization built to inspire younger generations to be more environmentally friendly.


Ever since that day, Lucas has brought TrashTalk to new heights thanks to his marketing and spokesperson skills.

Kayleigh Tooke

Kayleigh Tooke is the Co-Founder and Community Liaison of the board for TrashTalk. Her hard work and dedication ensure that TrashTalk is well respected within local community circles.


Her organizational and administrative skills have made her an important pillar for programs like the CCFP that have gained TrashTalk respect amongst our local communities.

Nicolas Vyncke profile picture

Nicolas Vyncke

Nicolas Vyncke is the COO of the board of TrashTalk. His constant dedication towards the team is one of the driving forces behind our community impact.


Nic’s people skills and Communications studies aspirations make him perfect for overseeing communicative affairs and relations at TrashTalk. Lastly, Nic has a deep passion and talent for photography, videography and digital art. TrashTalk’s social media is executively produced by him.

Malcolm Adamson

Malcolm Adamson is a Director on the TrashTalk board. He is responsible for the artistic side of TrashTalk. His aspirations for philosophy and painting have granted him a mind fit for bringing constructive and innovative artistic ventures to life.


His talent for writing has made him an important factor in proofreading and verifying every piece of writing that you see on TrashTalk social media.

Angad Malhotra profile picture

Angad Maholtra

Angad Malhotra is the secretary of the TrashTalk board and is responsible for making sure that all of our affairs are in order.


Thanks to his computer engineering proficiencies, Angad is responsible for bringing our website up to standards as well as maintaining all of our servers and other I.T. tasks.

Julian Zandrozny

Julian Zadrozny is a financial advisor to the board of TrashTalk. Thanks to his financial competencies, Julian has overseen the creation of various TrashTalk budgets side-by-side our CFO.

Diego Rivera profile picture

Diego Rivera

Diego Rivera is the CFO of the TrashTalk board. His job is to ensure that all our bookkeeping and financial affairs are in order at all times.

Thanks to an accounting background, Diego is the perfect overseer of the financials of TrashTalk.

Siddarth Venkatesh

Siddarth is a director of the TrashTalk board. He is responsible for ensuring that all our decisions and ventures are made with the highest degree of sustainability and environmental responsibility in mind. With a degree in Ecology, this makes him the perfect candidate to advise us on sustainable affairs.

Our Partners

Our Sponsors

Our Cleanups

It’s been a big first year.

With the help of 100+ amazing volunteers, we collected

Pounds of trash

To put that into perspective, That’s the weight of an adult Rhino.

Angell Woods Dog Park cleanups

This cleanup was located right next to beaconsfield’s most popular dog park. Around 500 furry cuties roam this area every day, and we found a dumping ground that was used by farmers in the 1970’s right next to a walking path. There was so much trash that we had to go twice.


Pounds of trash collected


Angell Woods Walking Trail Cleanup

The Angell Woods walking trail has long been home to any different critters, as well as being a popular walking trail for the local population. For years it was used as a dumping ground by landscapers, farmers, and locals.


Pounds of trash collected

Other Highlights

Covid-19 Community Food Program

An initative spearheaded by Kayleigh Tooke that helped hundreds of West-Islanders in their time of need

The COVID-19 Community Food Program was initiated by Kayleigh Tooke and aided countless West Islanders during the start of the pandemic. The program aimed at establishing food security for our local seniors who couldn’t leave their house due to safety concerns caused by COVID-19.
Through a partnership with Metro Beaconsfield and eventually Maxi Pointe-Claire, hundreds of customers would order online through TrashTalk and we would then go grocery shopping for each and every one of them. Deliveries ensued, provided by volunteers.
Thanks to Kayleigh’s administrative care of this venture, a seamless program emerged that generated tons of appreciation and newfound respect for the name TrashTalk.

500+ Orders fulfilled

300 unique Clients

15,000 items delivered

120+ Volunteers

Community Engagement


This year we got local television features on CTV, CBC, and Global News.


Additionally, we had articles published about what we’re doing in the Suburban, Journal Metro, West Island Blog and Cité Nouvelles.


Our name and cause was said presented within the House of Commons by Francis Scarpaleggia.


Lastly, we’ve had radio appearances on CBC and CTV.

Social Media

This year our social media growth has been exponential. We have gained over 1500 followers on Instagram and have developed media relations with multiple other environmental organism accounts. We generate hundreds of engagements with every single post.


On Facebook is where we engage the most with members of our local communities. Our engagement rate on this media has skyrocketed and content such as posts, photography and videography has seen tremendous reviews.





Thanks to Community Foundations of Canada and The Foundation of Greater Montreal, we recieved a grant for 15,000 dollars in order to further the TrashTalk mission within our local community.


Thanks to a sponsorship by Metro Beaconsfield and Metro pointe-Claire, we were able to fundraise 8,300 dollars at our bottle pickup events! During the COVID-19 Crisis, Metro and other grocery stores stopped accepting bottles and cans to be returned. When they re-opened the bottle and can returns, Metro asked TrashTalk to come and help them out, with the profits from the bottle service going to help TrashTalk. In the end, we collected over 70,000 cans and 50,000 bottles.

Budget is available upon request.

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Thank you.

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