Angell Woods

Pounds of Trash removed from Angell Woods

The Problem

Angell Woods was once a farm where cows roamed its fields and corn was grown. Angell, the Farmer, did not have access to proper waste disposal in his fields, therefore, he dumped all his waste onto the forest and into streams. That garbage is still there to this day, polluting the environment with toxic metals, damaging the sanctity of all the wildlife around it. This effort has been aided by many years of human interaction with the woods, with landscapers dumping their construction material near the trees and friends walking through the woods and dropping their litter among the trees, where it has remained to this day.


Angell Woods is soon to be a national park. Unfortunately, there is a dangerous amount of trash and it is too big to be cleaned up by the city. This dangerous garbage is harming the environment by realizing toxins, damaging the habitat of animals living there, and transports chemical pollutants.

Our Solution

TrashTalk will host 10 cleanups over the course of the summer to remove the garbage from Angell Woods. These cleanups will be volunteer-run and will allow local trailblazers to join in on the trash removal activities. TrashTalk will produce some educational eco-centric signage in order to discourage future litter. Videos and media will be created so the local community is aware of our efforts in Angell Woods.


So far, we have hosted three cleanups in Angell Woods. So far we’ve finished one trash spot entirely of trash, which is the Angell Woods Dog Park area. Over two seprate cleanups, we removed 2,500 pounds of garbage from one area, located 10 meters away from an incredibly popular dog park. Thanks to the hard work done by TrashTalk Volunteers, this area is now clean again, after 70 years of being dirty.

Before After


In order to succeed in this project, TrashTalk will host ten cleanups in various locations of Angell Woods. Around 7,500 pounds of trash will be removed from Angell Woods. TrashTalk will generate 10,000 mpressions on media for Angell Woods cleanups and create different pieces of signage for the woods about the project in order to educate future trailblazers. 



Our first goal is to remove 10,000 pounds of trash from Angell Woods.
We're almost half way there. 41.6%
Our second goal is to host 10 cleanups in 2020 for Angell Woods.

Cleanup Zones

The Path

These cleanups will be hosted along the path at the bottom of Angell Woods near the train tracks. Three cleanups will be hosted there, as on and just off of the trail the area is teeming with litter.


Our first cleanup of the path removed 1660 pounds of garbage, our largest cleanup to date.

The Fields

These cleanups will happen near the fields, In the vagrant huts that are set up in the woods. The huts have been long since forgotten, but their litter is still all there.


The Dog Park

This was the site of our first 2 Angell woods cleanups. From this spot, we removed 2,500 pounds of trash with the help of some amazing volunteers. This area is a hugely popular space that’s walked by locals every day. Most of the trash removed was toxic metals, Glass, and plastic that was dumped there by farmers back in the 1950’s.


Thank you.

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