The Team

Lucas Hygate

Lucas Hygate is the founder, CEO and Chairman of the board for TrashTalk. One day in April 2019, Lucas decided to use his entrepreneurial skills to create this non-profit organization built to inspire younger generations to be more environmentally friendly.


Ever since that day, Lucas has brought TrashTalk to new heights thanks to his marketing and spokesperson skills.

Nicolas Vyncke profile picture

Nicolas Vyncke

Nicolas Vyncke is the COO of the board of TrashTalk. His constant dedication towards the team is one of the driving forces behind our community impact.


Nic’s people skills and Communications studies aspirations make him perfect for overseeing communicative affairs and relations at TrashTalk. Lastly, Nic has a deep passion and talent for photography, videography and digital art. TrashTalk’s social media is executively produced by him.

Malcolm Adamson

Malcolm Adamson is a Director on the TrashTalk board. He is responsible for the artistic side of TrashTalk. His aspirations for philosophy and painting have granted him a mind fit for bringing constructive and innovative artistic ventures to life.


His talent for writing has made him an important factor in proofreading and verifying every piece of writing that you see on TrashTalk social media.

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Angad Singh Malhotra

Angad Singh is the secretary of the TrashTalk board and is responsible for making sure that all of our affairs are in order.

Thanks to his computer engineering proficiencies, Angad acts as technological director and is responsible for bringing our website up to standards as well as maintaining all of our servers and other I.T. tasks.

Sébastien Cloutier

Sébastien Cloutier is the CFO of the TrashTalk board. His job is to ensure that all our bookkeeping and financial affairs are in order at all times.

Thanks to an accounting background, Sébastien is the perfect overseer of the financials of TrashTalk.

Siddarth Venkatesh

Siddarth is a director of the TrashTalk board. He is responsible for ensuring that all our decisions and ventures are made with the highest degree of sustainability and environmental responsibility in mind. With a degree in Ecology, this makes him the perfect candidate to advise us on sustainable affairs.


We're a registered non-profit with a dedicated team of young artists, and community activists, committed to helping promote a positive and simple change in how we manage our relationship with the environment.

Notre mission est de combler le fossé entre l'environnementalisme et la culture populaire.

We're a youth-built, community-ran organization based in the Montreal-West-Island area. We all strive to make a difference through actions, rather than just words.

We host bi-weekly community clean-up events where anyone is free to participate in an afternoon of picking up trash and partaking in art events. Event Details can be found on our Facebook page.

Notre croyance en la psychologie positive a contribué à changer notre relation avec les déchets et l'environnement. En organisant des événements de nettoyage, en produisant des œuvres d'art et en créant des campagnes sur les réseaux sociaux nous sensibilisons à la simplicité de l'aide à l'environnement.

En travaillant avec des artistes locaux, nous sommes en mesure de transformer les déchets que nous collectons en œuvres d'art significatives. Notre œuvre d'art est faite de matériaux 100% recyclés, fournissant un exemple visuel de ce qui peut être réalisé lorsque l'on se consacre à l'action positive.

Every dollar you donate translates into another pound of trash removed from our streets. It's with the donations from our patrons that we can continue to make an impact in our community.

Étant donné que nos événements de nettoyage impliquent souvent de passer du temps à l'extérieur tout en enlevant les ordures, nous encourageons tous nos bénévoles à porter des vêtements appropriés. Des sacs à ordures et des gants sont fournis. De plus, vous êtes libre d'apporter votre propre équipement.

Un événement de nettoyage dure généralement entre 4 et 6 heures. Les volontaires sont libres de venir à tout moment et de rester aussi longtemps qu'ils le souhaitent.

Les bénévoles sont encouragés à faire du covoiturage pour ces événements. Nous offrirons également un système de navette qui ramassera les gens à des endroits déterminés sur le chemin des événements de nettoyage.


Thank you.

Your donation will help TrashTalk further its mission towards a more sustainable future.


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