Come join us in our efforts, helping with a no-contact grocery delivery service in the West Island.

TrashTalk will not be hosting  bi-weekly community clean up events due to health and safety concerns. Though will resume when able, anyone is free to join us for an afternoon of picking up trash and partaking in art events.

When you come to a trash cleanup, there’s gonna be lots of things that will take you by surprise.



#1: You can find cool things in the trash.

It’s hard to believe, but the liter that lines the side of your local park or highway has some pretty interesting things in it. It’s easy to forget, but everything ends up in the trash! That ranges from that weird trinkets all the way to car parts.

TrashTalk clean-up event

#2: Garbage pickup isn't as gross as you'd expect.

There’s no denying it: Picking up garbage from the ground can get pretty nasty. Thankfully, most of the garbage that we’re picking up has been lying there for weeks, being washed constantly by the rain and the sun, making  most of the nasty chemicals that you wouldn’t want to pick up disappear.  If garbage is so nasty, then how come the parks we all love to walk through, which are filled with tiny garbage, smell like flowers and trees? The smell washes away because of natural exposure.

#3: Time flies when you're having fun!

Garbage cleanup can be super entertaining! Fun in the sun, surrounded by groups all coming together to help our communities grow and become more beautiful. We work hard to curate a positive and friendly environment that invites everyone to share the joy of cleaning up our neighborhoods. Come on by!

TrashTalk Volunteers at protest

In my volunteering with TrashTalk, I learned a great deal of things about our natural environment and how we can take care of it more effectively. Trash cleanup is a surprising amount of fun!

Diego Rivera
Chief Operating Officer

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Volunteers will be helping in ordering and delivering groceries, abiding by the social distancing and safety measures put in place.

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